Research Programs                                              

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My current research program develops a new position in metaepistemology, a form of evaluativism that offers an alternative to both naturalistic reductionism and expressivism. My metaepistemological view provides a framework within which first-order questions such as how a priori justification, the internalist/externalist distinction, reliabilism, and the nature of justified belief are reconceived.

Best Epistemic Practices for the Financial Services Industry

This project aims to identify best epistemic practices, namely policies and procedures that facilitate good judgment, for banks and other financial services companies. This project has its origins in both my current work on metaepistemology and my experience in the banking industry. The overarching goal is to develop a conceptual framework for thinking about practices that foster good judgment in organizations. The practical aims are to identify standards and ideals that would promote the healthy functioning of banks and financial institutions.

A Priori Justification/A Priori Knowledge

In my initial and ongoing research program, I articulate a fallibilist and suitably naturalistic conception of a priori justification, and I explore its implications for contemporary theories of the a priori and naturalistic approaches to epistemology. I have a particular interest in the (alleged) a priori status of mathematics and logic.