“Epistemic Norms: Truth-Conducive Enough.” Synthese, 2019.
DOI: 10.1007/s11229-019-02242-5
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“True Enough? Themes from Elgin,” a special issue of Synthese.  Link to published version WnexqO6Qxh_vSrvNBvWQvc7ZAM8adWpp-3Mmh2_Ng7ie7swG98CST-kxaoVtdk6HcQRh-phaisF7dkQ2xWQq80aGq3lx_VQ%3D%3D

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“Socratic Metaethics Imagined.”
Co-authored with Steve Ross.

S.Ph. Essays and Explanations, December 2017, pp. 1-8.
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“Defending Moral Mind-Independence: The Expressivist’s Precarious Turn” Philosophia, 42(3) (2014): 861-869.

Review of Richard Foley’s When Is True Belief Knowledge? 
Mind, 123 (491), 2014: 894-98.
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