I am a New York City-based philosopher and a long-time resident of the City. I joined the philosophy department at the University of Connecticut as a research associate in 2022. I am affiliated associated professor at the CUNY Graduate Center, where I teach the introductory logic course for the philosophy program. Prior to and concurrent with this appointment, I was regular faculty at City College of New York. Before returning to NYC in 2012, I was a professor at Union College, where I taught a broad array of courses in analytic philosophy.

My PhD is from the CUNY Graduate Center. The title of my dissertation was “The Epistemological Status of Logic,” which I wrote under the direction of Hartry Field at NYU. My undergraduate degree is from Wellesley College.

During graduate school, I worked as a consultant to the risk management and research teams in JP Morgan’s Global Syndicated Finance Group. My work in business ethics and applied epistemology is informed by my experience in the banking industry.