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Philosophy in Banking and Finance:  Epistemic Foundations of Risk Management (Working title). In progress.

The Philosophy of Money and Finance. A collection of essays, co-edited with Joakim Sandberg (Gothenburg). In progress. Proposal under external review.

List of Publications                                                                                                  (Papers posted when permitted by the publisher. Otherwise, abstracts are posted.)

“Epistemic Norms: Truth-Conducive Enough.” Synthese, 2019.                         DOI: 10.1007/s11229-019-02242-5                                                                   Forthcoming in “True Enough? Themes from Elgin,” a special issue of Synthese.   Link to published version WnexqO6Qxh_vSrvNBvWQvc7ZAM8adWpp-3Mmh2_Ng7ie7swG98CST-kxaoVtdk6HcQRh-phaisF7dkQ2xWQq80aGq3lx_VQ%3D%3D                  Download AAM:

“Disentangling the Epistemic Failings of the 2008 Financial Crisis.” In The Routledge Handbook of Applied Epistemology, David Coady and James Chase (eds), pp. 196-210.  Abingdon, Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2018.  Abstract:

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“Socratic Metaethics Imagined.” Co-authored with Steve Ross.  S.Ph. Essays and Explanations, December 2017: 1-8. Open-Access Link to S.Ph.:          

“Deficiency Arguments Against Empiricism and the Question of Empirical Indefeasibility.” Philosophical Studies 173 (6):1675-86, 2016.  

“The Mystery of the Mirror.” In Leonard Cohen and Philosophy: Various Positions. The  Open Court Popular Culture and Philosophy Series, Vol. 84, 2014. Abstract:

“Defending Moral Mind-Independence: The Expressivist’s Precarious Turn.”        Philosophia, 42(3) 2014: 861-69.

“Relative Uncertainty in Term Loan Projection Models:
What Lenders Could Tell Risk Managers.”
Journal of Empirical and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 24 (4), 2012: 501-511. Abstract: to Journal:

“A Priori Justification and Naturalistic Epistemologies.”
In K. Talmont-Kaminski and M. Milkowski, eds.,Topics in Philosophy, 13,
 Beyond Description: Naturalism and Normativity. London: College Publications, 2010. Abstract:

“Naturalism, Fallibilism, and the A Priori.”                                                                   Philosophical Studies, 142 (3) 2009: 403-426       


Review of Richard Foley’s When Is True Belief Knowledge? 
Mind, 123 (491), 2014: 894-98.
Link to Mind:

Review of Albert Casullo’s Essays on A Priori Knowledge and Justification.
The  Philosophical Quarterly, 64 (256), 2014: 538-40.
Link to Phil. Quarterly: