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Work in Progress:

I am working on a large project in metaepistemology, which has launched related work in metaethics and, more recently, best epistemic practices for the financial services industry. I recently accepted an invitation from Rowman & Littlefield to write a monograph on the epistemology of banking and finance

Papers that are under review are not listed in order to protect blind review.

List of Publications                                                                                                   (Papers are posted when permitted by the publisher. Otherwise, abstracts are posted.)

Best Epistemic Practices in Banking and Finance: A Philosophical Perspective on Judgment and Action. (Working title.) In progress.

“Socratic Metaethics Imagined.” Co-authored with Steve Ross.  S.Ph. Essays and Explanations, December 2017: 1-8. Open-Access Link to S.Ph.: 

“Disentangling the Epistemic Failings of the 2008 Financial Crisis.” Forthcoming in The Routledge Handbook of Applied Epistemology, David Coady and James Chase,eds. Release date:  August 1, 2018.  Please email me if you would like to see a copy of the paper in advance of publication.                          Abstract:

“Deficiency Arguments Against Empiricism and the Question of Empirical Indefeasibility.” Philosophical Studies 173 (6):1675-86, 2016.  

“The Mystery of the Mirror.” In Leonard Cohen and Philosophy: Various Positions. The  Open Court Popular Culture and Philosophy Series, Vol. 84, 2014. Abstract:

“Defending Moral Mind-Independence: The Expressivist’s Precarious Turn.”        Philosophia, 42(3) 2014: 861-69.

“Relative Uncertainty in Term Loan Projection Models:
What Lenders Could Tell Risk Managers.”
Journal of Empirical and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 24 (4), 2012: 501-511. Abstract: to Journal:

“A Priori Justification and Naturalistic Epistemologies.”
In K. Talmont-Kaminski and M. Milkowski, eds.,Topics in Philosophy, 13,
 Beyond Description: Naturalism and Normativity. London: College Publications, 2010. Abstract:

“Naturalism, Fallibilism, and the A Priori.”                                                                   Philosophical Studies, 142 (3) 2009: 403-426        


Review of Richard Foley’s When Is True Belief Knowledge? 
Mind, 123 (491), 2014: 894-98.
Link to Mind:

Review of Albert Casullo’s Essays on A Priori Knowledge and Justification.
The  Philosophical Quarterly, 64 (256), 2014: 538-40.
Link to Phil. Quarterly: